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Dangerfield Productions

Your Filmmaker

Welcome, all you passionate souls! Evan Dangerfield is my name. I strive to follow a more minimalistic approach to life and to my art, I believe in being completely paperless haha, and I love capturing the unique personalities and emotions of people I film.


“Thank you so much for helping us, Evan. You not only did the videography but also gave us a lot of moral support and confidence-boosting. That was seriously the biggest thing I didn't know I'd need”

Karen and Kris

Film Packages

Artisan Collection

Relive every single moment from your event. This collection includes our event film along with all the RAW footage from your day. A few vertical reels to post as well.

3-6 minute event film

2-3 reels
3-4 Cameras
2 videographers
8 Hours of Coverage
RAW Footage
Full audio events synced and color-graded
Dangerfield Productions Custom Color
One terabyte storage device for your footage

2 Edits
Drone Footage*




Balanced Collection

The Balanced Collection captures the best parts of the event. This film weaves together audio, visuals, and music to fully transport you back into every emotion from your event. This is our most popular film and collection.

2-4 minute event film
3 Cameras
1 Videographer
6 Hours of Coverage

Dangerfield Productions Custom Color
Custom delivery

2 edits
Drone Footage*


Moment Collection


1-2 minute Moment Film
1 Camera
1 Storyteller
3 Hours of coverage

Dangerfield Productions Custom Color

2 edits
Drone Footage*

The Moment film is unique and beautiful. Instead of using audio, this film tells an incredible story through the use of authentic visuals and music.


Add Ons

Organized footage and Raw: $1000

Vertical BTS and reel videographer: $100/h

Reels/Vendor reels: $200/5-15 second video

Doc edit: $1200

Additional edits: $75/h

”Dangerfield Productions did an outstanding job!! I was so pleased, and Kak (who is a marketing guru and very knowledgeable about these things) was beyond impressed. We laughed and relived the moments and it was great. Beyond pleased, we hired Dangerfield Productions."

Our Process

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 Filmmaker - Evan Dangerfield

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